Monday, February 14, 2011


So I have decided to make my bills out of things that I truly love and that inspire me...SAINTS. I'm going to choose some of my go to saints and put them on my bill with stained glass, cathedrals, the prayer that goes along with the saint and possibly even floor plans?--I have a lot of ideas going through my head now, when at the beginning of class I really had know idea. My bills will be ornate and beautiful. FINGERS CROSSED. More to come :)

St. Francis

 Lord, make me an instrument of your peace: where there is hatred let me sow love, where there is injury let me sow pardon, where there is doubt let me sow faith, where there is despair let me sow hope, where there is darkness let me give light, where there is sadness let me give joy. O divine master, grant that I may not by comforted but to comfort, not to be understood but to understand, not to be loved but to love. For it is giving that we receive, it is forgiving that we are forgiven, and it is dying that we are born to eternal life.  Amen.

Practicing with Curves and Overlays


I was having a somewhat of a difficult time deciding on what I wanted to do for the currency project. In my head it had to be big and perfect. We'll I stumbled across this website that is featuring Scientists and Mathematicians--as you scroll down you will notice that not all scientist or mathematicians. So that got me thinking--why don't I do things that I enjoy--question is does it have to be cohesive?
Aryabhata Satellite, 2 Indian Rupees (1983). The note is now obsolete. The satellite is named after the Indian mathematician Aryabhata.

Kristian Birkeland, 200 Norwegian Kroner (1994)

Blaise Pascal, 500 French Frances (1977). The note is now obsolete.

Ruggero Boscovich..I like the 4 bills below--because they just changed the color. SIMPLE

Nicolaus Copernicus, 1000 old Polish Zloty (1982)

Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin, 5000 Polish Zloty (1982). This note is now obsolete. Chopin was a great composer.

Louis Pasteur, 5 French Frances (1966)

Ozone Depletion, 100 Antarctican Dollars (2001). The note is now obsolete. SILLY IT'S NOT 'REAL' CURRENCY! 

Total Solar Eclipse, 2000 Romanian Lei (1999). The note is now obsolete. This note commemorates the total solar eclipse visible over Romania in 1999. On the back is a map of Romania with eclipse path.

Voltaire (Francois-Marie Arouet), 10 French Francs (1964)
The note is now obsolete. Voltaire was a author and satirist, a french philosopher.